The Music Lives On: The Legacy of Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra Today

The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra is an instrument for self-determined socio-political thought in action. Its tenets are now taken up by a new generation of musicians.

Part of KCET’s Artbound Series. Read the article here︎︎︎

Califato ¾: Taking Flamenco Into The Future

A piece for Ableton about the Seville-based collective who are progressing flamenco traditions through experimentation.

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Electric Scissors, Planters, Truck Horns and More Inspire the Work of Money Mark’s Isolation Jams

Money Mark has played an integral role in the music of Beastie Boys, Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and more. He’s brought that insatiable curiosity and joy to life during quarantine.

Part of KCET’s Southland Sessions series. Read the article here︎︎︎

dublab: Future Roots Radio 

A book chronicling dublab's collapse of time, space and place on the internet airwaves since 1999. The book springs to life with stories and scenes from dublab's sonic adventures on and off the radio. Published by Hat & Beard and edited by myself and Jeremiah Chiu.

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City Pop, A Return to Pleasure 

I wrote an essay titled City Pop, A Return to Pleasure for the exhibition catalog of  Hiroshi Nagai: Paintings for Music at the Japan Foundation, Sydney. It’s an examination of my relationship with Japanese City Pop Music and Hiroshi Nagai’s iconic artwork that’s emblematic of the genre.

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